MY drawing of Ironman

Wu-Tang Ghostface Killah

Two tokes of mic dope, one stroke of elegance
Rated like the movie graphic told intelligence
Person to person, it’d be hard for you to take a trophy
You better off to get somebody out to try to smoke me

Cappadonna from Iron Maiden

~ Ghostface Ironman Album




Iron Bars


Because nothin haven’t changed much

We still getting killed or locked up,

Gangs still kicking up dust.

Now our chains are iron bars

or shiny rims on fancy cars

still get no respect unless you a star. (sometimes)

All eyes on me

because nothin haven’t changed much.

(but time)


Poet:  Me

I created this on Photoshop because I haven’t seen a updated view of the two. I wish to have a meaning behind the bars. You can interpret as you may but these two legends need harmony like Prince and Michael. (which Im working on)

Any thoughts, Ideas?




I Am The Tree


The Chatter Blog

I was the seed.  Planted by purpose or design or reason.

Once planted it took some time to burst out of the shell.

I was the determination to exist.

Once out of the shell it took time to sprout.

I was the energy to unfurl.

Once sprouted it took a tremendous amount of time to reach the surface.

I was the tenacity to reach.

Once upon the surface it seemed often times hard work to grow.

I was both fear and pluck.

Once growing commenced it sometimes happened without conscious thought.

I was both aware and unaware.

Once at the age of strength and youthfulness,I found it to be fleeting.

I was briefly panicked and resentful of the loss.

Once youth passed into maturity

I was eagerness anew, to grow some more, adding layers.

Once the core and the bark of me showed scarring and decay

I was character in…

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Detroit Fireworks

Searching for that feeling, tell me where is the magic
Let’s stay together ’til we’re ghosts
I want to witness love, I never seen it close
Yeah, but I guess I gotta find it first

That’s why I’m really going off, fireworks

~Drake- Fireworks

20130907_135445-1 (1)